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    Xiamen Doingcom Chemical Co., Ltd.(“Doingcom”), founded in 1997, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EcoGreen International Group Limited (Listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Stock code: HK2341). We specialize in producing, researching and selling and distributing fine chemical products, including fragrance and special chemicals.

    Doingcom has always been using the renewable resource of turpentine and other natural essentails oils as our core raw material, which is now one of the world market leader in the terpene chemicals production.. After years of business development, our raw materialresources have further diversified into petrochemicals.

    Doingcom’s products are of longlife cycle and consistently providing to a wide range of industries, including fragrance and flavor, personal care and household, food, pharmaceutical, agrochemicals and industrial solvent. Our marketsinclude China, Europe, America, Asia, other international countries. Our superb product and service qualities bring us a large group of stable and expanding customers.

    We adhere to the philosophy of Green chemical, anchor in the sustainability strategy and service one-stop solution for green chemical industry. We will be a key carrier of raw material in the fundamental fine chemical industry, and a supplier for special chemical and functional products which focus on aroma chemical. We will create value- adding opportunity to all our cooperators. Surely Doingcom will be a permanent trustworthy partner in your growing process.


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